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We can help you find a variety of Medicare and private medical insurance plans to meet your individual or family’s needs. Our Kansas health insurance brokers work with many insurance companies to ensure that the plans you select can save you money and offer great coverage.

Private Health Insurance

Our private health insurance brokers in Kansas can help you navigate the “Health Insurance Maze” with plans offered both on and off the health exchange. Most people shopping for health insurance are individuals, families, small business owners, someone losing a group plan and realizing how expensive COBRA can cost (not to mention in most cases it only lasts for 18 months).

Health Sharing Plans

Some health sharing plans have many similarities to traditional insurance, but it’s important to understand the difference between the two. Some of the companies you might recognize in this space are Medishare, Oneshare Health, Zion and Christian Health Ministries. Health sharing is not insurance at all, but many of them act very similarly (they all have different guidelines on how they treat pre-existing conditions, and it is imperative that someone joining knows exactly what the risks are.

Private + Health Sharing

Whether you go with a traditional health insurance plan, a Short-Term Medical Plan, or a Health Sharing Plan, you’ll find that in most cases the deductibles are $5,000-$8000+ (lower deductibles are offered but usually at a much steeper monthly premium) for people in Kansas. Supplemental health insurance plans can be a great strategy to fill in these gaps. There are numerous types of supplements available (Hospitalization, Surgery, ER, Ambulance, Accident, Cancer, Heart, Stroke etc). Most of these pay directly to the insured at no deductible, meaning “first dollar coverage”.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Also known as Obamacare. Most would agree when the Affordable Care Act came out it was very rocky. There were very few insurers in each state. Over the last few years most states have many more companies offering plans now. That, along with the recent “Cares Act” have made these very affordable (often at $0 for a high deductible bronze plan). This is just one more route our Kansas health insurance brokers look into for someone wanting to know all of their options. There is no need to navigate this maze on your own, have an expert at ICT do the work for you.

Life Insurance

We have technology that helps us shop dozens of carriers to help you find the best rate. Many Life Insurance premiums have actually dropped over time. Similar to health insurance there is no reason to not have one of our licensed life insurance agents in Kansas shop the market for you, especially if it has been more than a few years since you reviewed it. You might be overpaying or have too much or too little coverage since things change over time.

Health Insurance FAQs

Why do I need health insurance?

A key reason why health insurance is important is because you cannot predict your future health care costs. In some years, your medical expenses may be low. In other years, you may have a serious illness or accident that can be very expensive. Most health plans have deductibles and out-of-pocket limits that help protect your finances from these unpredictable expenses.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount you need to pay for medical services yourself, before insurance begins paying its share of the cost. For example, if your health plan has a $1,000 deductible and you go to the doctor, you’ll pay $50 out of pocket — but once you’ve paid $1,000 in covered expenses during a service period (usually each calendar year), your insurance will start paying 100 percent of your health care costs.

What is a premium?

A lot of people don’t understand what a premium is. A premium is the fee you pay every month to have health insurance. It’s the fee that covers the cost of co-pays at the doctors, emergency transportation to hospitals, or prescription medication if you are on any kind of drug treatment. Your premium is what helps your health insurance company cover their costs, and stay in business. That means they don’t have to raise your rates year after year because they aren’t losing money every month.

What is a health savings account?

HSAs are like any other savings account, except the money in them is reserved for medical expenses. This type of health care plan allows you to save for the future while using the money you save to pay for current health care expenses. Plus, whatever you don’t use by December 31 can be rolled over into the next year.

Is health insurance tax deductible?

If you are self-employed, your health insurance premiums can be deducted on your return. If you, or your spouse, are covered under another plan, the premiums cannot be deducted. You may deduct any contributions you make to a qualified health savings account (HSA).

When is open enrollment for health insurance?

The open enrollment period for 2024 coverage in Kansas runs from November 1, 2023 through January 15, 2024.


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