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We can help you find a variety of Kansas Medicare and private medical insurance plans to meet your individual or family’s needs. Our Kansas insurance agency works with many insurance companies to ensure that the plans you select can save you money and offer great coverage.

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Private Health Insurance

Our Kansas health insurance brokers can help you navigate the “Health Insurance Maze” with plans offered both on and off the health exchange.

Health Sharing Plans

These are not insurance at all, but many of them act very similarly. They all have different guidelines on how they treat pre-existing conditions, and it is imperative that someone joining knows exactly what the risks are.


Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental plans can be a great strategy to fill in your health insurance gaps. There are numerous types of supplements available (Hospitalization, Surgery, ER, Ambulance, Accident, Cancer, Heart, Stroke etc). 

Affordable Health Care Plans

Over the last few years most states have many more companies offering plans now. That, along with the recent “Cares Act” have made these very affordable (often at $0 for a high deductible bronze plan). This is just one more route we look into for someone wanting to know all of their options.

Life Insurance

Our Kansas insurance agency has technology that helps us shop dozens of carriers to help you find the best rate. Similar to health insurance there is no reason to not have one of our licensed agents shop the market for you, especially if it has been more than a few years since you reviewed it. You might be overpaying or have too much or too little coverage since things change over time.



This is one of ICT’s main focuses. Our Kansas insurance agency not only helps people navigate their options, but we encourage them to come in for annual reviews since plans change so much each year. We even offer to run a cost analysis for them each year for prescription drug plans.

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One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Jensen Insurance Group and ICT Health Insurance Agency merged Aug 1, 2021 to form ICT Insurance Group.

While the two divisions are now working together, the two sides will keep focusing on what they specialize in. It has always been very important to not get spread too thin, and the reason both sides of our Kansas insurance agency have been so successful is the goal to focus on knowing “a lot of information about a few specific items, rather than knowing a ‘little bit’ about a lot”.

Insurance Services

Health Insurance

We can help you find a variety of Medicare and private medical insurance plans to meet your individual or family’s needs. We work with many insurance companies to ensure that the health insurance plans you select can save you money and offer great coverage.

Direct Primary Care

With direct primary care you’ll have better access to doctors, low medical costs and telemedicine and video chat options.


We are pleased to offer our members Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare supplements to help pay for your out-of-pocket health care costs.


We are your best choice for friendly, quick, and cheap auto insurance – regardless of your driving situation. We work for you, not an insurance company, to find the right car insurance policy and provide flexible payment options.


We are here to help you find the cheapest & best home insurance anywhere in Kansas. As an experienced insurance brokerage, we represent most of the main insurance carriers. We’ve learned over the years which companies are best for any type of property, coverage needed, or location – and do all the shopping around for Kansas home insurance for you!


As the cost of healthcare skyrockets, ICT Health Insurance believes a benefit plan should be more than a perk. It must function as a business and operational strategy. That’s why we’ve pioneered many new solutions to improve and maintain our members’ health while keeping your costs under control.


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"My wife and I are retiring early and we needed to know our options when it comes to health insurance. Jake is professional and quickly figures us out on what we want and need. It can be kinda scary moving into retirement but Jake made this part easy. When he was done helping us out he helped our daughter out and got her really good insurance at a very good price. Can't thank Jake enough."

Mike Newsom

"Sara Stucky helped me navigate a ticklish issue in my business. My wife has 18 months before being eligible for medicare and I desire to bring her into my business. Sara helped me evaluate options and spent a great deal of time with me. She helped me arrive at a decision. while it doesn't mean business for Sara now, it will in the future, because I plan to add health care for my staff in due course. I will never forget her efforts and will certainly recommend her to people I know needing help in this critical area. Thanks Sara!"

Jim Reynolds

"Jake was great to work with! We were searching for a health insurance policy for our son and weren’t sure where to start. We are so glad we contacted Jake. He was very helpful, straightforward, and went above and beyond to make sure we got the policy that best met our needs. He helped lessen the stress of a difficult situation. We will definitely contact him again with any other insurance needs."

Stephanie Hein