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Chuck Klusener

With years of experience, I expertly guide you to the best Medicare or ACA plan for your needs.

Enjoy personalized, ongoing support for all your coverage questions, available by phone or in person.


What My Clients Are Saying


Chuck has always been available to quickly answer my questions and concerns. When I call him, he answers the phone and addresses me by name. If he is unable to answer the phone when I call, I know he will return my call that day or at the latest the following day. It is nice not to be placed on hold or to leave a number and never get a return call.


I turned 65 and Chuck was there to help me select the right coverage. However, as he
worked with me it became apparent my income was low enough that I might quality for SSA’s “Extra Help”. Not knowing how to apply he sat down with me and assisted me in going to the SSA website and applying for Extra Help. Within a month SSA approved my application for Extra Help and Chuck showed me another Medicare Advantage plan that gave me more benefits since I now qualified for Extra Help. I now get my prescriptions at a low affordable cost or no cost and I get a food card I can use at Walmart or Dillons for food.


Not long ago UHC denied a service that I thought was covered. I called the customer service line and after speaking to the phone agent I was confused. I called Chuck and he took the time to research my problem and in a clear understandable way explained why the service was not covered. I then understood why and agreed that the denial was correct based onMedicare coverage guidelines.